St Nicholas and St Laurence School provides an outstanding, ambitious and exciting
education in a nurturing, family environment.

As a school community we:

Have LOVE at the centre of all we do.

Develop a sense of FELLOWSHIP, valuing relationships and recognising the important role we all play in the life of our school, community and the wider world.

Have COMPASSION for others, celebrating diversity and difference.

Show RESILIENCE, ensuring positive health and wellbeing for ourselves and for one another when faced with life’s challenges, both locally and globally.

Show PERSEVERANCE to help develop the essential characteristics and skills of lifelong learners through our Christian values.

Have HOPE so we can nurture high aspirations and the courage to live life in all its fullness.

Everybody, staff and pupils alike, are encouraged and guided to be the best they can be and to aim high in all that they do.

Last Week's Attendance

96% is The National Expectation
Reception - 95%
Year 1 - 91.4%
Year 2 - 93.6%
Year 3 - 98.3%
Year 4 - 99.3%
Year 5 - 97.3%
Year 6 - 97%

Last week's winners - Year 4

Whole School Attendance for last week - 96%