Year 6 Christmas Sleepover at St Nicholas Church

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November 30, 2017
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December 11, 2017
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The sleepover

On Friday 1st December, Year 6 was invited to have a sleepover at St Nicholas Church. First we had dinner from The Marlboro Fish n’ Chips shop, we had a variety to choose from: cod, sausage chicken bits and fish cakes.

After our dinner, we got into 4 groups. Each group had an activity to do within half an hour swapping each time till everyone had a go. The activities we took part in include: Christmas tree making (using long bendy sticks); flower making; Christmas card making and star making. Each activity was very fun, but I really liked the Christmas card making!

Between each activity, we got told different stories of about Jesus. My favourite story was about the sleeping Innkeeper. After all of our activities, we gathered around a campfire made out of fairy lights and chunky sticks. We sang lots of different songs most of us had never heard before including: the cow kicked Nellie, The frog and Ging Gang Goolly.

After our little campfire, we got changed in to our pyjamas. Soon after we had settled down Mrs Neale put on movies: Nativity, it’s all about a new teacher at St Bernadette’s school. He has been chosen to do the Nativity and said that Hollywood were coming to watch it. But he lied. Nanny McPhee, that is about a family, whose children are out of control and hire a magic Nanny that sorts them out, and Scrooge a muppets Christmas carol, about a lonely man who is grumpy is taken on a trip by 3 ghosts past, present and future to make him happy. My favourite was Nativity. Once the films were finished, every one stayed up till as late as we can, I stayed up till 3:30 AM. In the morning, we got ready for break. For breakfast we had a choice of buttered croissant, a cereal bar and apple or orange

juice box took us up to 8:30AM where our parents collected us. That night is certainly a night I won’t Forget! By Charlie F

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  1. Evie's Mum says:

    Thank you so much for taking the children for this exciting experience! Evie absolutely loved it!

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