“Art and Design is not just a subject to learn but an activity that you can practise: with your hands, your eyes, and your whole personality.” – Quentin Blake

Here in St Nicholas and St Laurence Primary School, we encourage pupils to develop artistic awareness and acquire skills, knowledge and understanding to express individual ideas. Our Arts curriculum is linked to other areas of learning where possible to ensure creative opportunities are embedded into many subjects. The Arts have the power to enrich our personal and public life.

We see the development of creativity and imagination as essential outcomes from exploring the arts, and see the Arts as a way of promoting individual expression.
The Arts support the schools values – the 7Cs – Pupils are expected to be Conscientious, Considerate, Caring, Co-operative, Confident, Courteous and Communicative.

We prepare our children to live in a Global world, where each child can `meet difference with respect`. 2016 marked the fourth year of working with a school in Kenya. We focus on artwork relating to cultural stories and traditions from Kenya and countries around the world. This develops the children’s arts education through workshops, visits and performances by professional artists (we allocate funding from our school budget).

We sustain partnerships within local arts organisations such as DepARTure, Gobledygook, Dorset Music Service and our Artist in residence – Sue Warren.

All children experience a wide range of arts education regardless of their gender, ability, social or cultural background. The arts can be used to develop children’s learning in many areas of the curriculum and we strongly believe that the arts motivate and stimulate the learning of our SEN and gifted children.

Employing specialists has improved our provision of the arts to at least good at all times. Parent questionnaires in October 2015 reported that 98.2% of parents said that their child was enthusiastic and enjoyed the breadth of the curriculum. 100% of pupils said that they enjoy Art and Drama.

Pupil’s artwork is regularly displayed in the local library and Children’s centres. Comments from the public have been exceptionally positive on the quality of the pupil’s canvases, ceramics and relief work. Again, pupils have followed our 7Cs, often producing collaborative pieces – working together and sharing their talents. Examples of the pupils work can be viewed on our school website.

Pupils are now very confident to have a go; pupil’s skills are developing at a rapid pace. Feedback from a recent visit by an Ofsted inspector was that she was amazed at the quality of Artwork displayed around the school and also commented on the links throughout the curriculum. The Sutton Trust toolkit suggests that there is an uplift of 2 months in pupils learning when schools engage with the Arts – we have seen a more rapid lift due to the Outstanding specialists that we are engaging

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