Day One – First Afternoon at Carey Camp – First Photos!
June 27, 2022
Carey Camp Photos
July 6, 2022
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Wow! We had a whirlwind few days at Carey Camp, enjoying being outside and sharing tents with our classmates.

The activities that the children took part in included archery, the Gutter Run, tunneling, firelighting and making mint tea, shelter building, the Matrix, the Low Rope Trail, Orienteering and an evening walk.

Both evenings we enjoyed ‘Carey’ s got Talent’ where we were wowed with songs, comedy, miming, football skills and much much more. We shared hot chocolate and melted marshmallows too.

We were very proud of all the St Nics children, some of whom have never been away before. All the activities that we were involved in needed teamwork and communication skills, and sharing a tent and a campsite needed lots of great social skills too.

Thanks go to all the St Nics staff, Mr Gardiner and the staff at Carey Camp for making this trip so enjoyable and memorable.

Photos to follow… We have lots of them!

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