Creative Writing Club

February 9, 2016
Night Zoo Keeper

Congratulations to Daisy

Congratulations to Daisy in Year 5, whose story-telling has again be spotted as outstanding writing, this time by the Night ZooKeeper team. They have featured Daisy’s more »
January 29, 2016

The Night ZooKeeper visits Creative Writing Club

Creative Writing Club were visited by Night ZooKeeper Paul, who transported our young writers in to the magical world of the Night Zoo.  Firstly, the first more »
January 17, 2016

Spring Term Creative Writing Club 2016

This term, years 5 and 6 will be using a class blog on the Night Zookeeper website as the platform for their creative writing. This will more »
December 13, 2015
100 Word Challenge

100 Word Challenge in Year 5

In year 5 this term, as often as we can, we have been writing for the 100 Word Challenge. Some of our young writers have even more »
July 2, 2015

Ellie P 100 Word Challenge

I’m so excited, but really nervous. This is the start of new friendships, new relationships. My best friend Gemma will be with me along the way more »
June 6, 2015

Chloe, Year 6. WC 100wc #35

Tongue tingling, hair hovering, toes twitching, fingers fiddling. Anna was terrified as she nervously stumbled around the gloomy haunted pizzaria named ‘Freddy Fazbears Pizza Place’. There is more »
June 6, 2015

Minnie 100 Word Challenge ‘My Tongue Tingles’

The contest What a contest that was, It made a heartbeat, Strange vegetables were tried, From my head till my feet, But it made my tongue more »
June 6, 2015

Charlie 100 Word Challenge ‘My Tongue Tingles’

As I walked across the playground, the swirling snow drifted onto the grey stony ground. Confidently, yet slowly striding, a black well-dressed man with an aggressive more »
June 6, 2015

Clown town

One dark evening, a little girl shouted. “Mummy! Mummy! The show is starting!” She ran to the circus, with her mother slowly walking behind. “Circus not more »
June 6, 2015

Shannon week 35

One day I tried a new type of crisp, I tried it and thought it would give me a lisp, My brother just laughed at me and more »
June 6, 2015

Georgia 100wc wk 35. My poem.

As the night fell, Midnight came, I walked into the pizzeria, Freddy-fazzbear was the name, I start my night shift, From midnight to 6am, Bonnie the more »
May 16, 2015

Ellie, Week 32 100 Word Challenge

“Oy you, Get off my log!” Gemma looked around, surprised. Right in front of her was a huge beast squawking at her. “Hey, what have I more »
May 16, 2015

Kitty Week 32 100 Word Challenge

Explorer’s diary Today I am in the dwarf woods where they say people shrink for some unknown reason. So today I am here to find out more »
May 16, 2015

Minnie Week 32 100 Word Challenge

Hungry Jemima Suddenly, Jemima appeared on the top of a stump after eating that cherry cake. As well as that, she shrunk into a one inch more »
May 16, 2015

Lewis Week #32 100 Word Challenge

The everlasting fight Today is the day everyone has been waiting for the epic battle between mum and daughter, Lego girl and Chicken. Let’s get straight more »
May 16, 2015

Ellie HS 100 Word Challenge Week #32

Suddenly there was a mind-blowing bang from billons of light-years away and someone came tumbling down and down and down. She landed on a ginormous black more »
May 16, 2015

Chloe 100 Word Challenge Week #32

“Come on Freya!” shouted Chloe, “we’re waiting!” Me (I’m called Freya), my best friend Chloe and my other best friend Ben were all huddled in the more »
May 14, 2015

100 Word Challenge Showcase – well done Shannon!

Congratulations to Shannon in Year 5 whose writing has been showcased this week in 100 Word Challenge, chosen from children’s writing from across the world. You more »
May 14, 2015

Bethany 100 WC Year 6 Week 32

What was that? Ruby span around. It felt as if someone had just dropped pebbles on her! She opened her eyes not knowing were she was. Looking around, more »
May 14, 2015

The lady and the Hen, Shannon, Year 5

One day a lady called Vanessa went on a journey to a very famous farm, to buy a pack of 20 eggs. Vanessa came from a more »