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July 2, 2013
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Creepy house

There’s a spine-tingling adventure waiting for children when they take part in the 2013 Summer Reading Challenge. They can join our adventurers as they explore the Creepy house, simply by reading six books from the library. They can discover the secrets of Creepy house and meet some of the hair-raising residents!

Are the UK’s children brave enough to explore The Awful Upstairs, The Gruesome Ground Floor and The Spine-tingling Cellar?

We have chosen this theme for 2013 as it will tie into publishing trends for books that thrill children without being too scary. It is also a theme which will appeal to a wide age range and to both genders. Creepy house will inspire libraries and schools to create exciting visual displays and to set up events using local tales and history archives.

The Challenge will be in libraries across England, Wales and Scotland this summer.

Creepy House!

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