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February 7, 2019
France – Day 2
March 26, 2019
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We have arrived! Today, as expected, was a long day of travelling but the children did so well and despite many questions of ‘are we there yet?’, they managed to be patient and we eventually arrived at the Chateau on time! Interesting fact – the channel tunnel travels up to 140mph! Excitement rose as they were shown to their rooms and they all enjoyed unpacking and getting comfortable. The children then met the PGL staff who will be looking after us and had a much needed run around in the grounds. We then had a yummy dinner of sausages, mash and peas or pasta bake. The evening entertainment was a scavenger hunt around the grounds to enable the children to get more familiar with their surroundings. The grounds we are staying in are extensive and were once used in 1998 by the Brazilian national football team. By the end of the evening all children had a nice hot shower and were pleased to be going to bed after a long day! We hope you enjoy the photos, more instalments tomorrow!


  1. Sue CRABB says:

    Glad everyone got there safely. Love Day one photos. Was hoping to see Day two before going to bed tonight.
    Hope you all had a brilliant day x

  2. Claire davey says:

    Can’t wait to see the pics from your day today . Glad you all got there safe & well . Good to see pics from yesterday

  3. Kathryn (Albert’s mum) says:

    Looking forward to today’s updates!! Keep
    Checking all the time 😂. So glad you all
    Got there safe, have the bestest time Albs and everyone else. Make the most out of it.
    Love your Alby we miss you. xx

  4. Stacey McCarter says:

    Lovely to hear you all got there safe and I will getting settled in. Look forward to all the updates on your daily adventures. Pictures look great. Have a super day all xx

  5. Lizzie Green says:

    So happy you all got there safely. Thank you for the lovely photos. Hope you all slept well and are ready for all the adventures and fun that lie ahead!

  6. Naomi Robson Rowell says:

    Thank you for the update. Glad you all arrived safely. Pictures look great, can’t wait to see more of your adventures. Have an amazing week xx

  7. Mrs puddick says:

    Well done everyone! Have a fantastic day today. Thanks for the photos. X

  8. Claire Thompson says:

    Feel relieved to see these pics look like they’re all settling in ok..hope they get some sleep ready for the fun to start tomorrow! Night all and thanks for the update xxx

  9. Cheryl Hale says:

    Glad you all had a safe journey! Thank you for updates, it looks amazing! Hope you all have a fab time & look forward to seeing all your adventures! Xxx

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