France – Day 1
March 25, 2019
France – Day 3
March 27, 2019
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What a busy day, apologies for the delay! The children and staff have been non-stop since we woke up, and they are all now tucked up in bed fast asleep. Today we started the day off with a continental breakfast and half a day on the PGL site. The children took part in archery, team challenges and trapeze where they faced their fears of heights to jump off a high pole to a hanging trapeze, all of the children managed to do it! We then had lunch which we had made ourselves before breakfast, this consisted of baguettes with a choice of filling, crisps and French cake. Following lunch we then went out to the local town of Brie-Combe-Robert, a beautiful typically French town with a ruin of a chateau at the heart of it. We followed a town trail which enabled us to see the entire town, as well as a 13th Century church which has been recently restored and was stunning inside. The children were amazingly respectful and all said a little prayer whilst in there for family and friends back home. They were all very excited to get some money to spend at the hypermarket on the way home. This was a huge supermarket!! The children managed to all purchase something along with budgeting for other days, it was very exciting buying in Euros! Finally, this evening after a dinner of chicken, sweet potato curry, a medley of vegetables and chocolate mousse the children took part in a campfire. We all sang fun songs together and toasted marshmallows. It really brought the group together and was a lovely team moment. The children are all looking forward to Paris tomorrow with various locations they cannot wait to see. We hope you like the pictures, the Wi-Fi here is not the best so I cannot upload all the photos we have taken, but here is a selection of our favourites.



  1. Fiona Jones says:

    Looks great. Thank you for the photos and updates. Hope you’ve all enjoyed today x

  2. Natalie Beeston says:

    Good to see your all having a great time. Thanks for all the lovely pics and write up. Hope you all have a fantastic day in paris. Look forward to hearing about it tonight. Xx

  3. Kathryn says:

    Awwww wow looks so fun! So pleased everyone is enjoying themselves. It looks cold you’ve all got coats on! Paris will be epic, enjoy. xx

  4. Mrs puddick says:

    Thanks again for photos. Glad you are experiencing so many exciting things! Warm Weymouth wishes to you all. Xx

  5. Mrs puddick says:

    Thanks again for photos. Glad you are experiencing so many exciting things! Warm Weymouth wishes to you all. Mrs Puddick. Xx

  6. Claire davey says:

    Wow seems like there all having a great time . What a beautiful church & lovely to see the kids all with smiles. Hope you all sleep well & gave a lovely day tomorrow in Paris look forward to seeing the pics & hearing about you day .

  7. Cheryl Hale says:

    Wow looks like you’re all having lots of fun! Lovely photos, have an amazing day in Paris tomorrow (very jealous!) xxx

  8. Becky hawker says:

    Thanks for the photos. It looks like the children are having a great time seeing and experiencing so many different things. I hope everyone sleeps well tonight and has a great day out in Paris. Looking forward to tomorrow’s instalment.

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