How the governing body is made up

Some governors are appointed and some are elected. The term of office for elected Governors is four years. 7 Foundation Governors are appointed by the Parochial Church Councils (PCC) of Upwey, and Bincombe with Broadwey. There should be an overall majority of two foundation governors.

2 Parent Governors are elected by the parents.
2 Staff Governors, one teaching that is elected by the staff, and the head teacher.
1 Local Authority (LA) Governor, appointed by the County Education committee.

Governors serve on either committee, based on the role in the governing body. In this way our various abilities can be used to the best effect, these committees form part of the full governing body meeting which is held half termly and more often if required. They are as follows:-

Personnel, Finance and Environment – This committee looks out for the welfare of everyone in the school community: children, staff and parents, and monitors the budget which comes to us mainly from the Local Authority, supplemented by some direct grants from the government. They review all financial issues. It also oversees repairs and maintenance within the school buildings and grounds.

Curriculum and Distinctiveness – This meets to discuss how the subjects in the curriculum are being covered, to monitor performance and to make suggestions about any improvements.

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