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June 21, 2022
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June 23, 2022
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This afternoon, Year 6 met Stuart Hann, Safer Schools & Communities Officer (Weymouth & Portland), for Dorset Police.

Stuart explained to Year 6 that they were some of the most important people that he speaks to in the Summer Term, as they are ready to progress to their secondary schools.

He talked to them about how they would witness young people making risky and poor choices with the internet and particularly with their phones.  Some would be every day; some would be each week; some might be occasionally.  He hopes that, by having the conversation now, some of these risks can be avoided altogether by our young internet ‘experts’ who cannot remember a world without the internet.

During the afternoon, many platforms were discussed such as Youtube, Whatsapp, Tiktok, Zoom and Instagram amongst many more.  We heard how jokes can be misinterpreted, conversations can go on late into the night, making fun of people and swearing are all behaviours that can be seen online through access to these apps.

Stuart discussed how the internet does not remove the mistakes that we make – that it is a public place where we are all responsible and need to be trustworthy.

Stuart discussed the importance of a trusted adult – teachers, parents, carers, older friends and siblings, police – and how as soon as a problem is spotted, it  is important to have those discussions.

Thank you to Stuart for a really helpful talk.

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