Happy children learn more.

Built on 30 years of educational research, Lexia Reading Core5 is a leading technology-based reading program for students of all abilities in pre-school through year 6. Designed to accelerate fundamental literacy skills development, the program provides an adaptive, personalised learning path for each student through a scaffolding approach and explicit instruction that supports students if they struggle.

Each of the 18 levels of age-appropriate, skill-specific activities aligns to the most rigorous state standards, including the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

The program covers the five areas of reading: phonological awareness, phonics, automaticity/fluency, vocabulary and comprehension, as well as structural analysis. Throughout the program, students interact with complex text as they develop critical listening and reading comprehension skills. Its design creates personalised learning paths for every student, providing explicit instruction and immediate corrective feedback.


Lexia Reading Core5 is available via web browser, as an app for the iPad and Android devices, and as a desktop download, allowing for seamless integration into a variety of blended learning models.

Android 4 or above – iOS v6 and higher

Supported Devises 2016

The Lexia Reading Core5 are supported on the following devices:
• Google Nexus 7” (2012 and 2013)
• Google Nexus 10
• Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
• Samsung Galaxy S2
• iPad 2+, iPad Mini (iOS v6 and higher)