History of the Library

Hello my name is Mrs Caves and I would like to tell you about our library.

When I began as the Librarian in this school it was situated in a cupboard which is now used for Science and DT equipment! In 1997 we had a significant redevelopment of the school which resulted in three new classrooms (currently Years 4, 5 and 6), a SEN room and a Library being built. Now we had the capacity to expand our Library and so the process of building this up to what it is today began….

When you visit our Library you will find a vast array of books divided up into various categories. Non Fiction – the books in this section are catalogued using the Dewey System but are also colour coded so that the younger children can also use this part of the Library easily. Although a lot of emphasis is now on IT Learning for research the children in our school use reference books regularly as another source of exploring the world of research and exploration.

Junior Fiction

These books are now part of the Accelerated Reading Scheme where books are catalogued and colour coded depending on children’s reading levels. This has been a very good learning resource as it has highlighted children’s strengths and weaknesses thus allowing Teachers to monitor accordingly. It has also proved a tremendous hit with children as each book has a quiz associated to it which the children complete once they have finished reading the book. Each of these quizzes also have points that are recorded and the children take great fun in building upon their quiz points.

Infant Fiction

These books are mainly picture books and are displayed in various forms in our Library, an example being kinder boxes where the children can kneel and flick through each of the boxes. Some of the books are also arranged on a display stand that show the front covers of each book and children can then look and see books which may appeal to them. We also have other brightly coloured display stands that can be used for small books, which some of the children find appealing and larger displays and shelving.

Project Boxes

Another of our initiatives that we have been setting up for the last two years has proved very successful. We used to “buy in” boxes that were used for projects on a termly basis. These were expensive so we have now set up our own boxes. It is our intention to build these up over the next couple of years so that we can fully support the curriculum.
Libraries – We have close links with Littlemoor and Weymouth libraries. We actively encourage our children to visit them and enter competitions.

Book requests

If a child has bought or been given books that are not in the Library and have really enjoyed them I am always gathering in their “requests” for these books to be bought for the Library. Reading and enjoying books are paramount and what better recommendation can you get than from a child who has thoroughly enjoyed reading a book and would like his/her friends to read too.


Children just love entering competitions and we have been very successful with children winning a variety of prizes such as books, book tokens and I Pads.

Used Books

If anyone has any books that are no longer used then please send them into school via the office.
Thank You

Library News

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