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November 5, 2021
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Newsletter 5th November 2021
November 5, 2021
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All classes were invited to ‘make our mark’ in the style of a stonemason to show our support for climate change.

Mason’s marks were chosen because there are lots of quarries on Portland, Dorset where stone has been cut for buildings all over the world, including the United Nations Building in New York and Buckingham Palace in London.

The masons who carved the stone for the buildings would carve a symbol on them to show that it was their own work.

The project supports the message of the project:

The Inscription

The first three lines are the wonderful words of the late Prince Philip who was the Royal Patron of the project until his sad death earlier this year. The middle section speaks about Dorset’s extraordinary geological significance as the home of the Jurassic Coast UNESCO World Heritage Site, where dinosaurs were first discovered!
The third section is what needs to happen now to stop any more species going extinct!! The word “earthlings”
is used because it is a is a word which describes us humans in the same category as every other living creature.

The final two lines are about the big United Nations climate change conference  in Scotland and the United Nations Building in New York.

The tree sculpture
This is “Wood’s Cycad”, which is native to South Africa. There is only one wild tree left in the world. It speaks eloquently of the jeopardy of extinction – but in equal measure of the resilience of the natural world. There are more than 60 in botanical gardens around the world but they are all cuttings from the last wild tree and so are genetically identical. Cycads thrived in the Jurassic period and the Jurassic Coast is an important international site for cycad fossils.

Well done everyone for supporting such an important message!


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