Maths at St Nicholas and St Laurence Primary School

We believe that it is possible for every child to feel like a mathematician and that every child can succeed in Maths. No child is born to be always ‘really bad at Maths’. With good teaching, sufficient time, practice and a ‘can do’ attitude, all children can achieve in and enjoy mathematics.

The National Curriculum for Maths requires that all pupils:
• use mathematical concepts, facts and procedures appropriately, flexibly and fluently;
• recall key number facts with speed and accuracy and use them to calculate and work out unknown facts;
• have sufficient depth of understanding of mathematical concepts and procedures that they can use them to solve a variety of problems.

At St Nicholas and St Laurence, we have a teaching for mastery approach to Maths. Teaching for mastery means that we keep the class working together on the same topic, at the same time. We aim for all pupils to master the curriculum and for some to be extended to gain greater depth of proficiency and understanding. We provide challenges for pupils by going deeper rather than accelerating into new mathematical content. Where individual children need extra support to embed their learning we provide small group support with a teacher or TA within the lesson.

At times if we feel it is necessary children may be offered additional sessions with a teacher or TA. We recognise that there will be a very small number of children who need to receive specialised support in an alternative group due to specific educational needs. These sessions will be run by a TA or teacher with guidance, support and monitoring from the Maths lead.

Teaching for mastery also means spending more time teaching each topic to allow for the development of depth and sufficient practice to embed learning. We teach fewer things in greater depth, to make sure learning is secure rather than over-rapid progression to new content.

It is important that children commit key facts, such as number bonds and times tables, to memory, these will help them hugely with their confidence and in their ability to calculate.

We believe that all children should have the opportunity to build understanding in the following ways;
– Using concrete objects and manipulatives to build understanding.
– Using pictorial representations to help reason and solve problems.
– Using both concrete and pictorial representations to support understanding of abstract methods and concepts.

At St Nicholas and St Laurence, children from year one onwards can access the educational programme, Mathletics. They can also access the website at home. Please see our Mathletics page for a link to the programme.

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