We are OUTSTANDING - 2015

Our Ofsted inspection went well and we’re all smiling. And, between you and me, I have never read a more glowing Ofsted report about children and their education…..ever…..and I read a lot of them! Please do read the attached report. Read about how the inspectors say how wonderful your children are, how well they learn, enjoy their school life and how they care for each other.

This is my fourth Ofsted inspection in the role of Head Teacher. I found this inspection to be the most challenging, gruelling, rigorous, professional and exhausting of them all.

Just one other school in Dorset has been judged as being an ‘outstanding’ school during this academic year, September 2014 – 15. I have yet to find a school that has moved from a ‘Requiring Improvement’ grading to an ‘Outstanding’ judgment with this framework in the country…..I’ll keep looking.

In order to make this rare and spectacular achievement for the children in our care we have worked tirelessly together as a team. We have benefited from the excellent relationships and support of our local partnership of schools called ‘The Chesil Partnership’ and from our Local Authority. However, hard work does not equate to an outstanding judgment.

This school made this leap due to an absolute, determined and relentless focus on delivering the very best education for the children. The report is very clear. You’ll read about the impact of what we have done from the point of view of the children. That is what makes this school so special and why we truly value this report.

It is a joy to work in this school. A big thank you to our children for following the 7Cs in all they do. Thank you, too, to parents for supporting the school, even when we had the Requiring Improvement grading two years ago. Thank you also to our Governing Body, a voluntary group, who have supported the school on this tremendous journey. Finally, thank you to all the staff of the school. You welcomed me, grasped the challenge of making a monumental change for the children and for smiling through thick and thin.

A very heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you all

Helen Williams