Hello and welcome to St Nicholas and St Laurence Parents Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA).

The purpose of the PTFA is to make your child’s time at school even more enjoyable. We fundraise to pay for fun things for the children as well as organising sociable events for them to enjoy. These can only be done with your support and we really hope you will consider offering some time to help us run these activities or by attending the events we put on.

The PTFA Committee consist of the Chair (Zoe Thompson) Vice Chair (Sam Pinder) Treasurer (Becky Hawker) and Secretary Debbie Hellaby.

We would love to hear from you with ideas, or suggestions, for raising or spending money. If you have any particular skill or contacts please let us know. We have some parents who can donate food for the fetes, some who can acquire raffle prizes, and some who can face paint, the possibilities are endless and I am sure we will be able to use any and all of your skills.

Chair – Zoe Thompson

Vice Chair – Sam Pinder

Treasurer – Melanie Hart

Secretary – Debbie Hellaby

We hold meetings approximately 5 times a year depending on what is going on. The AGM is the first meeting where we vote in the new committee, have a breakdown of the finances and plan next years events.

If you are happy to be contacted by email I can let you know the dates of other meetings and upcoming events and any requests for help we may have.

We have 3 notice boards around the school which we try to keep up to date so please check those out for any upcoming events. You can also find out what we are doing by following us here, on this website.

Hopefully you know a little bit more about us and we haven’t scared you off! I look forward to working with you all to help make our children’s lives even more fun.

Zoe Thompson

Chairperson PTFA


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