Welcome to Reception

Learn to play, play to learn.

Our passion is creating a stimulating, exciting and safe environment to ensure all children develop as independent learners.

As the first class in our school, we aim to build the foundations for learning.

Children learn to socialise with others and to listen and communicate effectively. They experience the importance of sharing songs and stories and how they can learn to read, developing their knowledge of sounds and words around them. Children will play with numbers and solve problems, learn to write and explore creative ideas. The world around them will be an exciting place to explore as they make their learning journey through their Reception year.

Our topics might include ‘tell us a story’, ‘do you want to be friends’, ‘are we there yet?’, ‘our wonderful world’, ‘let’s celebrate’, ‘all creatures great and small’, ‘beside the seaside’ and ‘seasons’. The children will bring their knowledge, experiences and ideas to each topic, helping us to plan each adventure!

We aim to create a smooth transition to school for children and parents and we are here to help you along the way. Our team of staff welcome you.

Learn to play, play to learn

Mrs Cochrane


Mrs Joseph


Mrs Redout


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Look at what we are learning


Marvellous Me! Do you want to be friends? Why do squirrels hide their nuts?

Spring 2020

What happens when I fall asleep? Are we there yet?

Summer 2020

Why do ladybirds have spots? What can you see in the Summer?

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