STEM fun in Reception!
May 26, 2022
STEM Dissecting a heart
May 28, 2022
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Wow! What a week that was! We began the week with an amazing show about forces where we witnessed fire, bangs, lying on a bed of nails and much much more. We hope that you enjoy our photos!

Following this, we had different workshops. In our first workshop, we made cars out of rolled-up paper and sticky tape! We had a series of races out in the KS2 playground to find our winners.  These were powered by gas and went off at great speed.


In the afternoon, we had a greater challenge – making a hovercraft. This was a challenge of teamwork, listening skills and attention to detail – exciting and frustrating for some of us.  Using battery power to  power fans, which then created a cushion of air in the skirts of our hovercrafts, we raced our vehicles across the hall.

A wonderful first day was had by all!

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