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Year 6 had a dinosaur-tastic afternoon with Kieran from the Jurassic Coast Trust. As well as bringing in fossils to show us, he helped us to begin to understand the fossil record, evolution through time and our own beautiful and important Jurassic Coastline.

Year 6 had so many questions around a subject that is very complex and we are very grateful to Keiran for sharing his expertise with us. Here are a few examples of the questions that he was asked and managed to answer:

How do we get different species?

Are crocodiles and alligators the same family?

Is a chicken descended from a dinosaur?

What happened when the meteor hit the earth?

If the meteor hadn’t hit the earth, would dinosaurs still be alive?

Do you think dinosaurs will ever come back?

Did a T-Rex have feather?

Could a bigger dinosaur be discovered, bigger than a Gigantosaurus?

Great questions and some deep scientific thinking from Year 6.


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