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February 25, 2014
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March 1, 2014
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Once again we will be taking part in World Book Day. This year we will be hosting a ‘Grand Book Swap’ event.

We would like each child to sort out their books at home and bring into school a book they no longer want to keep. The book should be in good condition and one that another child would like to own.  Each child will then select a book from the collection which they would like to take home.

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  1. Ruby year6 says:

    Hi! I love the idea but I have some problems. Firstly I got rid of the books I no longer wanted to keep before I moved house. Do we HAVE to bring in a book?
    Secondly, if there isn’t a book that we would like to take home and read, can we go home without one. I hope I made my questions clear. 🙂

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