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May 8, 2019
Year 2 – Rugby
May 17, 2019
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This half term Year One have been learning all about the Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis. It is a story of a magical creature found by a pond in the bluebell wood.

We had lots of fun imagining that we had found the Bog Baby. Some of us even pretended that they brought him into school.

We made Bog Baby homes to keep them safe. We also made our own Bog babies using the book to help us be more accurate.

We created a “We’re going on a Bog Baby Hunt” book which we have displayed in the classroom.

At the end of our topic and because we knew so much more about Bog Babies we created “How to look after your Bog Baby” fact file.

Even though we love the Bog Baby we all decided that it should stay in its natural habitat (as all creatures should)

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