Year 3 – Forest School
December 5, 2019
School gardening
December 5, 2019
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The children who started Forest School in September this year each chose a special tree at school to study over the weeks, as summer changed to autumn. They then passed this study over to the next group to continue and observe as autumn changes to winter. We have seen acorns ripen and fall, catkins start to form and leaves gradually change colour and start to drop. Last week we used the colourful fallen leaves to make beautiful decorations, for our den area by threading them on to strings. We even had a disco ball!

We have made a hedgehog house and also shared a book called Tom’s Tree, which inspired us to plant some trees along the new fence, so that children who come to the school in the future will be able to enjoy them when they have grown bigger. Meantime we will have to look after them and we have been checking on them regularly.

This week we enjoyed the story of the Elves and the Shoemaker and made gifts for elves and fairies, as well as having lots of fun in the mud of course!

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