Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Last year of KS1

A magical creative learning adventure is ready and waiting for you where we become astronauts, superheroes and authors. We become palaeontologists, safari guides and creators of new and exciting worlds. We cant wait to share this journey with you. If you’re excited too then Year 2 is the place for you!

Every year in your child’s education is important but Year 2 is a key year for the children as it is the last year of Key Stage One.

During this year we prepared the children for their transition into Key Stage 2 and embed their reading, writing and maths and enrich their learning experiences with trips, music, drama, and art.

Mr David and Mrs Worley are always there with a helping hand to guide you but even with lots of very important events happening in the year, we like to have fun, smile, laugh, learn lots of new skills through some amazing topics and generally become amazing role models for our school!

Mr David


Mrs Worley



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Autumn 2019 1

Muck, Mess and Mixtures

Autumn 2019 2

Rio de Vida

Summer 2020 1

Splendid skies

Summer 2020 2

Land Ahoy!

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