Year 3 Camp – Day 1, part 2
June 26, 2022
Day One – First Afternoon at Carey Camp – First Photos!
June 27, 2022
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The children had a great night sleep – they woke up fresh and raring to go!  After breakfast, we tidied our tents and prepared ourselves for another exciting morning at WOEC. When we arrived, we took part in some team challenges and orienteering before heading back onto the indoor climbing walls and tunnels. Despite some children being apprehensive about doing the tunnels and climbing wall again, everyone put their fears to one side and took on the challenge to achieve what they couldn’t do the day before.  After which, those children were pleased to have overcome their worries. All in all, everyone had a fabulous time and I am sure they all slept well when they were back in their own beds – I know the staff would have!

Before going home, the children worked together to take down their tents.

On a final note, I would like to say a big thank you to all the children in Year 3 – you made the camping experience a great one and we are very proud of all you have achieved over the two days.  Thank you also to all the wonderful adults that helped out during the day and overnight. Year 3 are very grateful. And, a big thank you to all the parents for helping their child(ren) be prepared for this adventure.  Well done everyone!

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