Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 is a wonderful year for our young learners to discover more about the World around them and to ask some big questions about our topics. Learning about the Earth and the Planets is fascinating science.

This year (2016) we have been inspired by the adventures of the British astronaut Tim Peake, and have even received seeds that have been in space so that we can take part in a National experiment. During either the Spring or Summer term, we have an incubator in class as we learn about life cycles and growth.  We are always on the look-out for new and innovative ways to ignite the young learners’ interest and passion.

During this year, the students are encouraged to write creatively, using a class blog to publish their writing to a wider audience. Our young writers will learn skills to entertain or inform the reader.

Following the National Curriculum 2014, our learners will use and apply their improving maths skills in Design and Technology. We have enjoyed making Christmas Stockings, models of bird hides and also using our coding skills to make models move using gears and pulleys.

The children’s learning is supported by specialist teachers for music, drama and art, and in the past the young learners have been fortunate to learn musical instruments too such as brass instruments, ukulele and violins.

Music leaders help their classmates to learn new songs, and the power of collective singing is wonderful to hear in our daily whole school worship. Our art is to be seen everywhere around the school and adds sparkle and creativity to our cross-curricular learning.

We are supported by many outside specialists for PE – in the past we have had fencing, cricket and dance to name just a few. One of our favourite trips out has been to the Sailing Academy in Portland Harbour, where many fears were overcome and independence and confidence were discovered!

Mrs Morris and Mrs Cox encourage the students in Year 5 to be the best that they can be, providing a nurturing environment alongside high expectations for achievement.

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