Year 5

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Year 5 is an exciting and action packed year where children are really encouraged to further develop those skills that will be vital when continuing on to secondary school. As members of Upper Key Stage two they are expected to act as excellent role models for those lower down the school and to show what it is to follow the 7Cs.

We start off our year looking at the Ancient Egyptians, but will be covering many other topics including, space, the Tudors and the wonderful world of insects. We will be creating enthusiasm and excitement for these trips with visitors and trips where possible and have a farm visit and a visit to a Tudor mansion penciled in for the year ahead already.

We are supported by many outside specialists for PE – just this term we have basketball, gymnastics and rugby coaches teaching their specialisms to Year 5. In addition to this Year 5 continue to receive outside music, drama and (as they are now in Upper Key Stage 2) Spanish tuition too.

Mrs Morris and Mrs Cox encourage the students in Year 5 to be the best that they can be, providing a nurturing environment alongside high expectations for achievement. We hope that everyone develops a growth mindset while in our class, that we may not always understand how to achieve a new skill straight away but with perseverance and hard work we will get there together.

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