Your Headteacher

Welcome to our School!
We see St Nicholas and St Laurence School as “one big happy family”. Our mission statement is ‘Together we Hope, Together we Love, Together we Learn’ and this is at the centre of all we do.

Our school values are the 7Cs. We expect all children and adults to be Caring, Courteous, Considerate, Co-operative, Conscientious, Confident and Communicative. Many visitors to our school comment on the exceptional learning behaviour and exemplary courtesy shown by the children throughout the school.

Staff work hard to ensure that every child does well. We track the progress of every child to make sure they are making the progress we expect. If we find children have missed or not understood part of their learning, we have specific packages of support to help them to catch up quickly. Although we hold regular parents evenings you can talk to teachers about your child’s progress at any time. Teachers are available at the beginning and end of the school day. However, it is more relaxed to discuss concerns or celebrations at the end of the school day when the class teacher is not preparing for the day ahead.

Good communication between home and school is essential. We have excellent staff but without the support of our parents and the efforts of our children we could not do the good work we do. We use a range of strategies including the APP, texts to parents, a comprehensive school website, regular parent evenings, questionnaires and parent workshops. We work in partnership with parents and take your views and concerns very seriously. Through working together we can achieve the very best for each of our children.

Jill Cochrane

It is a joy to be the Headteacher of this really great school.