Year 2 – Science
June 25, 2019
Widemouth – Day 2
June 29, 2019
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We have had such a lovely first day in Widemouth. The weather has been wonderful and we have been so busy having lots of fun. We got to Widemouth Bay around 11.30am and went down to the beach on site to look around the rock pools and have our lunch. After the long drive to the centre it was a welcome break for the children and they all enjoyed their freedom!

After lunch we went back to the centre where we met our instructors for our first activity of canoeing. We got into wetsuits and headed to the local river for the session. We learnt how to use the paddle and then set off on the river, some boats were more successful than others in going in a straight line! However, all the boats were quick learners and we were soon stopping further up the river for games on the canoes. We played ‘fruit salad’ where the children had to swap places with others on different boats, and also a game where the children had to lean forward and try to ‘kiss’ the water from the back of the boat. A lot of the children ended up with a nice refreshing swim from this game!

When we got back to the centre we were given our rooms and the children had to make their beds and shower for dinner. We had a very welcome yummy dinner of chicken nuggets, chips and peas with homemade brownie and ice cream for dessert. Following dinner the children had some down time to do what they wanted on site and then we had a practice fire drill. The children all impressed us with their ability to listen to instructions and respond as required. The final activity of the day was going back on the beach and playing beach games. But first, we did a litter pick of the beach. Our children were fantastic eco warriors and picked up three whole black bags of rubbish, they were amazed at some of the things that could be washed up on our beaches. They were so proud of themselves for helping the environment. The games on the beach consisted of football, bat and ball and Frisbee which was so enjoyable and was lovely to see everyone having a good time. Finally, we went back to the centre and had a hot chocolate before bed. All children are tucked up in bed and enjoying the much needed rest.

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