Year 5/6 Bovington Tank Museum trip
May 17, 2018
Widemouth Day 2
June 30, 2018
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Wow! What a wonderful first day we have had!

The weather has been glorious and we are really enjoying our time at Widemouth Bay. After a long journey on the party buses with plenty of singing, we arrived at the Outdoor Adventure site. Once we had our lunch outside in the sunshine we got the chance to see our rooms for the first time and meet our new roomies! Then we got changed for our first activity of Canadian Canoeing! We were driven to the canal in Bude and after brief tuition on how to paddle, got onto the canoes and away we went! We had a chance to stop half way along the canal where we played some games and got to jump in the canal and swim around; everyone overcame their fears of the water and got in, even the staff! We got back to the centre for showers and a dinner consisting of homemade chicken nuggets, chips and peas with a dessert of brownie and ice cream. Following on from dinner we then went and played some beach games and did a beach litter pick on the local beach and finally ended the day with hot chocolate in the lounge in our pj’s. The children have all just gone to bed now utterly exhausted and excited about what tomorrow may bring.

Feel free to leave any comments about our day! We will pass them onto the children.


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