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May 15, 2018
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Charlie F in Year 6 gives a fantastic account of the Year 5/6 trip to Bovington Tank Museum

It was a rainy, boring morning,… but not for long. Everyone was buzzing about how big the tanks were going to be or how many costumes we were going to try on. When we reached the main entrance, a huge tank glared at us as we walked up to it. It stood proudly like a soldier after WW11 was won. We all gathered around it and made the silliest face possible as Mrs Neale took a photo ( Ellie was too small to be seen in the picture and she jumping but that didn’t work either!) A kind lady took us upstairs (when we went upstairs, we saw two soldier models standing there as if frozen in time). After we’d put our coats down, we saw a grand hall full of unique, genuine tanks. Some tanks were small, some were wide, but they all looked amazing. We were all desperate to explore.

Once in our groups, we got to look at all of them. Evie, who was also in my group, pointed out a telephone and next to it was a set of buttons. Everyone quickly walked (not allowed to run) up to it but only three people got it. Once the button was pushed, a mysterious voice came from down the line describing how awful and horrible it would be if you were fighting the world war. One part of the hall had lockers, which had life-like suits in them. I tried a coat on but it was too itchy. Hundreds of tanks filled the room; it was like a maze to find my way back. The kind lady showed us round to our next place; the trenches. There were loud bombing sounds from a distance, planes flying over our heads, The first scene was an office room with an officer model sat at his desk. On the opposite side was a form; to join the army. As we took a sharp corner, piles of rubble were scattered in a dark alley. Model men lay dead or dangerously injured with maids by their sides. Nothing but the back of a blown off was left. We all quickly hurried round hoping something less scary be there; there wasn’t. The trenches is a horrible place, walls built 2 meters high; rats every where and bumpy floor, ( I wouldn’t survive a day no chocolate!)We were all so scared and wondering how people would live in these conditions. Could you? Next, we went to where they would have slept in bunks.

Next was a room full of tanks; some you could go in and there were some with tunnels. Our next stop was the talk about World War Two (I got to dress up as a warden.) The man talked about all the different jobs. The talk helped me understand the lots of different roles I could play.

As if time was a gush of wind, it was time to go into the 1940’s house. Eventually, it was our turn to go in, we all got cramped in the hall way and how different our lives are from theirs. People only had meat, one egg, butter and cooking fat to last them a week. Suddenly, there was an ear- piecing air-raid noise-sound and we all had to squeeze into the small, cramped Anderson shelter (there would usually be blankets and board games inside because you could be stuck there for a while.) While it was the other groups go, we had a quiz to do; you need lots of team work! Now we had one more thing to do; go to the trenches and do a quiz. When we got there everyone squinted at things and noticed things they didn’t before. We all hurried around looking for how many things people can see. So many people were acing like detectives, Detective Billy, Detective Owen and Detective Maisy. By the time we had finished, it was time to go home. And even though we went for a day, the memories will last a lifetime!

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