Year 5/6 trip to Lighthouse Theatre, Poole

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May 8, 2018
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May 9, 2018
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On Tuesday 22 May your child has the opportunity to go to Poole Lighthouse for a free schools concert with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra called ‘Celebration’. With the full Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra on stage, James Redwood will be presenting a brand new hour long programme with music based around the theme of celebration. James will also be composing a new song to give you all the chance to join in with the Orchestra.

The children should be in full school uniform and will be leaving school at 11.15am. They will have chance to have lunch before they go in to the concert. If your child has a hot school meal for that day, we can either provide a packed lunch for them or if you have paid for the meal, give you a refund and you provide a packed lunch for them instead – please indicate your choice below.

The coach will arrive back to school at approximately 4.15pm, please let us know on the slip below who will be collecting your child.

The trip will cost £5 for your child to attend (this covers the cost of transport to Poole and back), we hope they enjoy the experience! Please return the money and the slip by Monday 14 May at the latest.

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