Year 6 – Reflection afternoon at St Nicholas Church
July 19, 2019
Year 6 – The Button Box
July 23, 2019
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Year 6 were delighted to meet Mr Anthony Hurst, a retired army officer, who had been invited to watch our end of year show.

In the Autumn Term last year, as part of Remembrance Day and also the 100th anniversary marking the end of the First World war, Year 6 wrote letters to ex-service personnel to thank them for their sacrifices – friends, family, emotional distress – so that our World is a safer place for us to live. Anthony received one of our letters and was so touched that he wanted to meet the class, and particularly George whose letter he had received.

We arranged a visit back in January but a series of events – snowy days, a fall for Anthony – meant that we had to postpone.

Anthony met with the children, showing them his medals, telling them of his involvement in campaigns, his travels, his family, his hopes for their future, and said that he felt reassured if the World was in the hands of our children. He even tried to get some discipline in the ranks by teaching them to salute!

As he left for home, having watched our spectacular show, he spoke to Mrs Cochrane expressing how impressed he was with the school and our children.

Special thanks to Julie Hursthouse, Community Development Officer

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